Precision Magnetics Inc (PMI) provides global solutions for the design, engineering, manufacture of custom high-technology magnetic and electromechanical products and systems.


PMI mission is to provide our customers with a superior service experience and high quality products and services, achieved through engineering support, operational excellence, and the active involvement and empowerment of our people in the decision making process.


Our values center around Teamwork, Team sharing, Stretch Goals, and a focus on Performance. 

  • Technology and infrastructure - the organization must provide the technology roadmap, tools, training and infrastructure to achieve the vision.
  • Attitude  - we value a can-do attitude, high standards, positive thinking and accountability.
  • Partnering  - Teamwork within the organization and with our customers and suppliers is critical to success.
  • Performance  - measured by customer satisfaction, financial results, and team sharing is the measure of our success.